Thursday, October 21, 2010


This article I am going to dedicate to my very close friend Ashutosh Chauhan and to our never ending friendship….on very special occasion as he has added new feather to his career, I am very proud of him….

Cheers Ashu…..Keep going buddy…..

few parts or say some memories …

Mongoos Cycle he is used to ride…in the our early friendship days (When we were in 6th standard.. year 1996-1997)



14 years of our friendship now….!!!

We were together from tuition classes , followed by engineering college and now doing job in same city…(Ahmedabad)….yeh dosti hai ya fevicol ka jod pata nahi…

Saale ko 14 years main kabhi mera birth day yaad nahi raha…aur aage bhi rahega nahi….

Both were crazy for programming , and when we start to discuss on any technical point aas-pass ke logo ki toh vaat lag jati thi kabhi kabhi lagta tha ki ye log ek dus re ko marne lange ge….

It was my dream to open a software company with him , He was also eager to work with me as he knows me very well he respect me so much …that I know…

COMPITITION AND RACE…. yeh to suru se rahi hai humare bich

par woh kya haina sachi baat kahu to….he is very very  hardworking person….sale ko kuch bhi dedo woh padh lega…yaha tak ki bhel puri ka kagaz usko doge aur bologe ashu it is most IMP question he will defiantly read it on the last moment as well….

regarding me I am very lazzy and easy going person but…my luck is very much in my favour so when it’s about education ab tak toh me aage raha use….


Ashu is so sensitive ki kisi bhi bholi ladki ko dekh ke uske dil main soft feeling ho jati hai ……. :)

In love I must have to say…here he is some what ahead of me…sale ne luv marriage ki aur woh bhi humari classmate se…but must say ..nice pari both looking nice together…

Mera kya hai ..apni kat rahi hai…..


He has started his career (early days including training) at ahmedabad…till date he is in the same company started as trainee then programmer –> sr. software engineer –> Team Leader…..

About me I have started my career at mumbai…then quit early from there, worked one year at my home town , then ashu insists me to come ahmedabad …Now I am working as Team leader at Ahmedabad….

so, again here we are at same level…

ok guys likh na to bohot hua now few photos…

 IMGA0283IMGA0285 IMGA0303 IMGA0306 IMGA0307 IMGA0324 IMGA0377 IMGA0440


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