Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Airport Process Guide

We arrived at 11th Feb 8:30 A.M to Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), as we already had visa with us, we don’t need to go to Visa on Arrival counter otherwise it is the first thing you should do after arrival.
We went to Immigration counter located at level-2 just followed the sign boards. We need to give arrival card (explained below) and passport to officer.

Air hostess on the flight will give you Arrival card. Arrival card contains two parts. Arrival information and departure information. If Arrival card is not provided in flight do not worry there will be lots of card available on counter. However, I recommend you to fill it during the flight so that it will save your time.

We need to fill only Arrival information in the card and give it to immigration officer they will keep it with them and give us departure card back. We need to keep departure card with us and it will be required at the time of returning to our country also some hotel asks to show departure card.

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