Wednesday, March 08, 2017

How to exchange the Thai Currency

Thai currency is Thai Baht (i.e.THB), 1 INR ≈ 1.90 to 1.94 Thai Baht.
Remember few things for currency exchange
  • Never do currency exchange at airport for any country. It will be expensive. They apply high conversation rate.
  • Never use your country’s Debit or Credit card for any payment even though your card is international debit or credit card.
    • They apply currency conversion. (As your card currency is INR)
    • They apply 3%-5% charges on it. Charges is known as mark-up charges.
Best option is buy forex card with pre-loaded currency.

We bought forex cards through and
They need your PAN Card, Visa, passport and air ticket as proof to be uploaded on their website.
Thomas Cook is popular but costlier.
Advantage of buying forex card:

1. Hassle free online processing
2. Free home delivery of the card/cash on the same day of order.
3. We can get SMS alert and check online statement.
4. First three ATM withdrawal free.
5. Card is valid for 5 years. Multiple currencies can be loaded.
6. If any amount is remained after trip, they can take it back.
7. You can pay cash on delivery.
Disadvantage of Card:
1. Even though first three ATM withdrawal free, Thai banks charge from 150 to 200 THB per withdrawal so I recommend to withdrawal big amount around 10,000/- to 20,000/- THB. This is only for withdrawal from ATM, if you swipe your card for shopping, restaurant or hotel there is not any charge.
We recommend keeping combination of cash and card. (30% &70% respectively)
We bought 60,900 THB at the average rate of 1.95 (including cash of 23,900 and rest in card), after trip, we had 20,000 THB balance.

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