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Transportation in Bangkok

Bangkok has various transportation options like BTS Sky Train, The Airport Link Rail (Which connects the Airport to the Bangkok city), Bus, Tuk Tuk, Boat, Meter Taxi and motorbike taxi. We experienced most of them during our trip to Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Airport link rail connects airport to city. We used it go to hotel from Airport.

BTS Sky train (Recommended) which connects most of the area and easy to travel for anyone. We used it the most during our stay in Bangkok. BTS sky train has two lines Silom and Sukhumvit. (It is like western and central lines of Mumbai local train). We can interchange the line at Siam station (like our dadar station in Mumbai local train)

Meter- Taxi (Recommended): Just Raise your hand to stop taxi in pink or green-yellow colour. Red color at front shows taxi is free and available for ride.


Base fare is 35 Bath then it will depend on your distance and time.
We never paid more than 70 Bath during our stay on any trip.

  • Only take taxi if they are agree on meter, do not negotiate on price just go with meter.
  • No need to pay any tip.
Boats (Recommended): Bangkok has boat transportation option, we used twice during our stay to visit Grand palace and Temple of Buddha. There are 3 lines orange, blue and yellow but only orange runs on weekend. It takes 8 THB to 20 THB based on distance.

Please find below boat map for reference.

Bus (Not Recommended): They have bus services as well but you have to be aware of bus routes and numbers and also conductor sometimes not good with English.

Tuk Tuk (Not Recommended): It is like auto rickshaw but there is no meter and drive asks too much and there are many scams about Tuk Tuk so I personally do not recommend it.

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